Welcome to the Six38 Platform. If you are here, then it means that you are someone who wants to succeed and, my passion is to see people like you achieve the success you truly desire.

In my 18 years (and counting) of active participation in various successful business endeavors, I have learnt a number of things and achieved some feats and this with its struggles and challenges. However, if anything, my most precious lesson is understanding that “regrets only come when we refuse to take risks”. I am not just talking about any risk but “Calculated ones”.

Understanding the complexity and inherent frustrations that may accompany setting up businesses from scratch, especially in the area of raising the necessary funds, I do the little I can to create a symbiotic relationship through this platform to put as many people (as possible) on their feet. This is one of the most creative global applications since the invention of the phenomenon called the internet – Crowdfunding Platforms.

Six38 Peer-to- Peer Network is a baby conceived from my vast experience coupled with my view of the real definition of an ideal society. My dream is to build an equal-opportunity wealth creation platform that operates on the very ideals of a standard business environment – a platform where anyone with a dream can truly benefit.

Let us join forces to create more success stories… more importantly, let us secure a stable, wealthy future for ourselves and our progenies!

Thank you for your time.

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