Welcome to the Pitch (Request Funding) page of Six38 Peer to Peer Network, a place you can get funding for your dreams.

So, you’ve got an idea? but no financial capability to bring your idea to fruition. We bring you the power of the crowd.

Utilizing the power of a united force of the crowd to achieve challenging goals is not a new concept, think about the 1714 Longitude reward by the British government to the crowd to solve the problem of longitude and the crowdsourced creation of the chronometer.

Fast forward today, more than $8.7 billion has been raised globally through various such Platforms. Six38PPN is one of such platforms yet unique in its formulation and diversity.

On the Pitch (Request Funding) page there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Signup on SIX38PPN for free.
  3. Complete some relevant information about your business and idea
  4. Pitch your idea to the SIX38PPN Team
  5. Our team of professionals will vet your idea and do due diligence on your business
  6. Your Pitch will then be posted on Six38PPN if successful
  7. The crowd then supports your idea, and funding is complete.

It takes a team to succeed, so do not be shy to share that big idea and dream with our team and together we came make it come true.