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Project Details

Over the past 10 to 15 years, economic growth in Africa started to show consistent trends, needless to state that the continent provides a large consumer pool for varying business offering ranging from real estate, consumer goods, and technology. Commodity Brands and Export Initiatives is a project that has been put together to afford investors the opportunity of putting their landmarks in one of the world’s largest consumer market.

We are focusing, however, on the Sub Saharan demographics featuring 4 major countries which are; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana; these are the most promising markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project will involve 3 major stakeholders namely: Six 38, Investors and Distributors. The idea behind the project is to provide a win-win situation for all stakeholders

Major Market Highlights

•Global fresh food market growing at 3% volume increase in 2016

. Africa's Growing Household consumption to reach $2.1billion in 2025


•Sub-Saharan African population expected to explode to reach 2 billion by 2050

How It Works

The project has been conceptualised in the bid to effectively service the fresh food and canned food  commodities market in Africa. The three (3) stakeholders work to ensure the project comes to fruition.

  • The Investor: An interested and committed financial participant who has committed $15 or more into the project development
  • Six 38: The producer of a wide range of branded commodities with the aim of distributing to the 4 Sub-Saharan African countries; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.
  • Distributors: There are 2 groups of Distributors. The first group comprises of the official partner distributors of Six38, which are JEIDSAM Conglomerate and FRESSH LINE Ltd. The second group comprises of any member of the Six 38 Peer-to-Peer Network (Six38 PPN) platform who has invested personal funds in any of the projects listed for crowdfunding, irrespective of the industry. Play the role of redistributing the products to retailers and end consumers.

The official Distributors

  • Jeidsam Conglomerate: This company is the primary distributor of Six38 PPN brands and products. It is a registered company in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Jeidsam services fresh fruits and other commodities to major cities in Nigeria i.e. Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, Accra i.e. Ghana and South Africa.
  • Fressh Line Ltd Kenya: Specializes in the distribution of fresh produce across East Africa with its base in Kenya. 
  • About the Platform – Six38 PPN

    Six38 Peer-to-Peer Network is a newly registered company (as Six38Cointrader Pty Ltd 2017/07) in the Republic of South Africa. It provides a crowdfunding platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can receive optimum funding for projects they are passionate about. This platform is utilized for the Six38 Commodity Brands And Export Initiative project. The platform provides opportunity for members/users who wish to be distributors of the CBEI products.

    Why you Should Invest

    High returns from target markets: We are aiming the largest and the most sophisticated markets in Africa with high volume of consumption of our product type.

    Strategic Partnerships: We have already concluded branding some fruits and canned products and we have made further arrangements on synergizing with relevant parties to brand even more products and ensure effective distribution of the commodities.

    Low Investment Requirement: You do not need to break the bank to be a part of this. An investment contribution as low as $15 allows you to be legally absorbed into the system to own a share.

    High annual returns on investment Partner with professional investors and venture capitalist firms The project has been initialized, we have already branded some canned products ready to be distributed into the market.

    Justification of the Target Market

    South Africa: Has a steadily growing Fresh Food Market due to affordability and health concerns. In 2014, South Africa surpassed the UK as the top export destination for apples. Retail distribution accounted for 58% in the SA market. South Africa also has 60% formalized retail penetration.

    Nigeria: Has remained the largest consumer market in Africa with 15% overall growth in consumer spending by 2025. The nation has the largest population of over 175million people in Africa.

    Kenya: One of the top 3 markets in the Sub-Saharan Africa, after Nigeria and South Africa with an expectation to remain in the top 3 for the next 5 years. Kenya has a year on year (YoY) growth of 12%, building infrastructure as well as improving communication.

    Ghana: Has a high demand for consumer goods. The Percentage demand in this nation has been rising at an average of 20% since 2002.

    Project Lead



    Use Funds

    The initial funding target of this project is $1,500,000 which will be used to achieve the following:

    Set up pack houses in Europe and South Africa for Six38 fresh fruit products. This is a strategic business move as it will allow us to considerably cut off 3rd party suppliers. This will translate to more returns for the investors as cost of production will always reduce.

    Increase the volume of already canned products or brands. This will enable us prepare adequately for the large market we will be servicing.

    Challenges faced in the African Commodities Market – Associated Risks

    • Underdevelopment of the Wholesale sector
    • Inadequate marketing infrastructure
    • Congestion and overflow of traders
    • Inefficient storage, packaging and handling system
    • Waste through spoilage
    • Information asymmetry between traders and producers which weakens the bargaining position of producers and exposes them to price uncertainty
    • The Benefits of our Methodology
    • Enhanced and transparent pricing
    • Well structured distribution and supply chain from production to the end consumers
    • Standardization: We use standard measures and weights for our products
    • Economies of Scale: We will achieve economies of scale right from the inception thereby reducing the production cost per unit, transportation costs and handling costs.
    • Reward Structure

      Investors are admitted into the system after the payment of funds approved by system. The minimum acceptable investment is $15. All investors will be rewarded based on the structure below:

    • 44% guaranteed annual Returns of investment which could be as high as 60% Returns will be received when project makes an exit which could be through but not limited to any of the following:

      • Trade Sale
      • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
      • Share buy back
      • N/B : Initial lock down period for each investor will be 30days after which a monthly dividend can be requested.
      • Each investor will be issued with the XENIACOIN to the tune of their investment with the corresponding 20% bonus at the launch of the XENIACOIN ICO.
      • Conditions
      • An Investor must be 18 years and above
      • Investor must be a resident of a country where financial promotions are permitted
      • All payments are made by bitcoin and other ways prescribed by the Six38 Peer-to-Peer network system
      • Members must apply to become a distributor. Qualification will be based on the personal funds invested on the Six38 PPN platform irrespective of the project(s) funded.

$164.00/ 0.02148545  invested


$1,500,000.00/ 196.51328573


Days Left

Investment period
Oct 27, 2017-  Jan 19, 2030(4467 days)